Area convegni - Padiglione 14

3 maggio 2022

REVET - Nicola Ciolini
The plastic recycling factory
ore 12.00-12.30

4 maggio 2022

FANUC - Vera Mariani/Ugo Rigon
FANUC Thinks Green!
Sustainability in Injection Moulding Process

ore 10.00-10.30

FIMIC - Erica Canaia

Let’s call recycling by its name: Post-production - Post-industrial - Post-consumer material - Post-consumer
ore 10.30-11.00

PREVIERO - Ottavio Previero

Tray2Tray e De-Inking Technology
ore 11.00-11.30

STARLINGER - Florian Mitterecker/Christoph Danereder

rPET Recycling: Circular packaging solutions
ore 11.30-12.00

AMUT - Antonio Morona

Recycling technologies for the valorization of the plastic waste
ore 12.00-12.30

CMG  - Giorgio Santella
Recycling of plastics in the era of Circular Economy: 50% energy consumption reduction

ore 12.30-13.00

5 maggio 2022

ENGEL - Matteo Terragni

ENGEL technology opportunities for Circular Economy readiness
ore 14.00-14.30

ARBURG - Bertram Stern

Sustainable production - conserviung resources in the plastics industry
ore 14.30-15.00

TECNOFER - Andrea Mignogna

Ready Depack: the new frontier of depackaging, for circular and waste-free production processes
ore 15.00-15.30

DI MUCCI - Luca Di Mucci

Life after plastic
ore 15.30-16.00

MIXCYCLING - Gianni Tagliapietra
Mixcycling: A New Life For Scraps
ore 16.00-16.30

RIFRA - Andrea Ubbiali
RIFRA’s commitment to sustainability

ore 16.30-17.00

MAPPING - Anna Bortoluzzi
Managing packaging sustainability and greenwashing within organizations
ore 17.00-17.30

6 maggio 2022

RADICI NOVACIPS - Riccardo Galeazzi

Renycle, nylon after nylon

ore 10.30-11.00


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