The new life for PET carrier material

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Imagine using recycled plastic and bringing it to life again, creating high-quality products with an appealing design. Thanks to an innovative solution by LEONHARD KURZ, this is no longer wishful thinking. With RECOPOUND, the expert for innovative plastic surface solutions introduces a product that brings you one step closer to the circular economy.


Saving up to 40% CO2 compared to new material

Climate change is considered a major challenge of our time. In addition to environmentally friendly production that is as CO2 neutral as possible, energy efficiency has also become a core business task. KURZ meets these requirements with a comprehensive sustainability concept, by not only ensuring the recyclability of decorated components, but also by creating RECOPOUND, a solution for producing high-quality recycled PET pellets from production residues. This makes KURZ the first company in the industry to produce its own plastic granulate.


RECOPOUND is ideal for robust plastic parts that are produced using injection molding. The recycling granulate is in no way inferior to new material in terms of the wide range of decoration options, and it can be processed on conventional production machines. It is particularly durable and robust thanks to optimized mechanical properties. The biggest advantage, however, is environmental protection. By using the recycled material, up to 40 percent CO2 can be saved compared to new material.


At this year’s FAKUMA, KURZ also made it clear how versatile and visually appealing RECOPOUND products are. The recycled material can be decorated to the same high-quality as new material. At the stand of KURZ partner Deckerform, for example, watering cans and flowerpots were made from RECOPOUND and handed out to trade fair visitors as giveaways.


In summary, RECOPOUND brings you the following benefits:

- Up to 40% less CO2 consumption compared to new material

- Excellent processing in injection molding

- Transparent ingredients without conflict materials

- Stable end products with numerous decoration options

- Decoration of the recyclate does not affect recyclability


Designed for Recycling: Sustainability that is worth seeing

RECOPOUND is not the only example underlining the important role sustainability plays for KURZ. All the innovations the company presented at this year’s FAKUMA trade fair contribute their part to the holistic cycle. For example, the decorations do not restrict the recyclability of the components but can be recycled together with them. In addition, recyclates can be used in production.


Learn more about the sustainable concepts developed by LEONHARD KURZ, and become a green leader today!


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