Circular Plastics Alliance approves the Plastica Seconda Vita scheme

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Among the schemes so far approved by the Circular Plastics Alliance to communicate the end destination of recycled plastics to the European Union with the aim of reusing 10 million tons by 2025, Plastica Seconda Vita is the only one originated in Italy. The figures published by IPPR (Italy’s institute for the promotion of recycled plastics) reveal that Italy is already well on its way with over one million ton plastics recycled in 2020, especially from post-consumer waste, that is 18% of all plastics consumed in the country.


The figures must be verified and registered via a shared system. The Circular Plastics Alliance, under the supervision of the European Commission, has implemented a system for the collection and registration of data generated by companies and validated through certification schemes. Plastica Seconda Vita is among them. Through its audits, the organisation verifies the mass balance over the entire calendar year. As a result, it is possible to store the data - obtained through the systems approved by CPA for this step – about the volumes of plastics recycled from industrial or post-consumer waste that are incorporated into new products. The data can be registered free of charge via the More platform.


Once again, IPPR is confirming its fundamental role in spreading the culture of recycling with over 6,500 products already certified under Plastica Seconda Vita. This scheme is also recognised by Accredia - a certification body guaranteeing maximum objectivity -  and makes it possible to verify the compliance of the recycled content with the basic environmental criteria (CAM) of the Italian Ministry of ecological transition. In addition, the scheme applies international standards such as UNI EN ISO 14021, and is also valid on international markets like a sort of passport. Finally, the scheme also supports declarations on recycled content based on objective and verified data, so as to avoid greenwashing.


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