GREENPLAST: the first edition of the exhibition-conference dedicated to plastics and rubber sustainability from 3 to 6 May at Fiera Milano

Tuesday, May 3, 2022 / Published in Press Releases

The first edition of GREENPLAST opened on May 3, the event deals with sustainability, recycling, recovery and energy efficiency through the exhibition of machines, materials and innovative solutions. 

GREENPLAST hosts 170 exhibitors, coming from thirteen countries besides Italy, on a 6,000 square meter net exhibition space, offering the most advanced solutions in terms of technological innovation and environmental sustainability. 

At Fiera Milano you will find the best solutions for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products with innovative, recycled and bio-based materials.

Furthermore, for a future with low environmental impact it is crucial for the sector to have machines, equipment and plants that strive to reduce energy consumption and, possibly, to produce efficiently even with the use of recycled bio-based materials, without sacrificing performance. Recovering and recycling plastics and rubber is indeed the goal of the processing sector services. 

GREENPLAST is part of The Innovation Alliance which, in a supply chain perspective, together with IPACK-IMA, Print4All, Intralogistica Italia offers a complementary vision, albeit through strictly vertical exhibitions. 

"GREENPLAST is an event designed to encourage the exchange of ideas between the several players in a supply chain that wants to highlight its innovative character, able to provide, or rather anticipate, answers to the growing demand for technologies by a constantly evolving market. We hope that GREENPLAST will also contribute to confirming that plastic, which is sometimes questioned, especially by non-professionals, is actually an absolutely sustainable material, as well as essential and versatile", says Mario Maggiani, General Manager of AMAPLAST-Italian Plastics and Rubber Processing Machinery and Moulds Manufacturers’ Association (which organises GREENPLAST through its service company Promaplast srl). 

Regarding the trend of the sector, Maggiani adds "the trend of orders of our companies is positive, but there is a strong concern for the remaining months of 2022 related to the difficulty of finding raw materials and especially components. All this comes along with a politically unstable situation and a skyrocketing cost of energy. There are companies with machinery in stock worth million euros waiting, for example, for a component worth a few thousand euros". As far as sustainability is concerned, Maggiani recalls that “not only is it important to carefully recover used plastic and research new bio-based materials, but companies in the sector must be strongly committed to optimizing energy consumption during production and the quantity/type of materials that can be used".


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